7 Little Australians

The Continuing Tale of the Dollhouse Family.

The lovely
and talented
Coombe Crafts
recently completed the rest of our dollhouse family,
so here we have a little of their story.

Each of these little people has been named
with my own families names.
We have a couple of sets of twins in the extended family
and the name Robin appears twice
so together with the creator of the
Dollhouse Family
being also Robin, we of course had to have a Robin.
Hilda Grace and James George
are an amalgamation of family characters.
James/Jim is so often used
my mother used to say-
"We have old Jim and young Jim
and young Jim's son Jim
and baby Jim as well."
True Story!
I've had so much fun endowing these little people
with characters and names
in memory of loved ones
and Robin has given them faces to go with their character.

Well, enough history, on with current events.

Mum Janet has been enjoying the warmth
of the late autumn afternoon sun
on the upper balcony
reading to the 3 year old twins 
Pip and Pippa.

Dad Jim arrives home from work
and knows where to find his family
so he's headed straight upstairs
after a quick pat for a couple of the dogs.
Jim owns a small bus company.
He started out driving buses when he first arrived Downunder.
He saved very hard and, 
thanks to a loan from his dear Dad,
he was able to buy his first bus.
With good management,
being handy and doing his own repair work,
he now has the beginnings of a fleet of buses.

A hug for his wife and a pat on the head
for Pip who has run to greet him.

G'day to Gran and Granddad
who have also been enjoying the weather.
Looks like Granddad is hoping for a game of chess
with his son before they have tea.
One of the 8 month old twin babies has woken from an afternoon sleep
so Gran brought her upstairs for some fresh air.
She is excited to see Daddy!

Young Jim has been looking for his slingshot,
it must have been on the seat beside Mum!
He's glad to have it back in his possession,
that annoying little brother would love to get his hands on it ;)
Oh, no, Pip is playing with Young Jim's billy-cart!

He's going to get a good scolding from big brother!

Pippa is the quiet one of the three year old twins,
she's happy to play dollies
and enjoy the company of the bunnies
and the chihuahuas.

The two older girls are sharing a bath
after their busy day at school.
You can see Robins pet rat
sitting patiently on the chair
waiting for her to cuddle him again.
Sissy is horse mad but she doesn't bring her horse
into the bathroom!
With so many
Little Australians
in the family,
Robin and Sissy know it pays to get in early!

The sun is sinking quickly
and the evening chill will soon
send our family indoors for their evening meal
and later,
some happy time sharing the events
of their day.

It's evident that
7 Little Australians
will be
8 Little Australians
in a few months!
Janet and Jim don't mind another mouth to feed,
they always wanted a large family
and they love their brood.
(I can't help thinking two sets of twins is enough though,
lets hope the new arrival is a single!)
Gran and Granddad are reveling
in their life with their loved ones.


  1. Nice family. I loved the story and Robin's dolls are fantastic.
    Congratulation for have such a wonderful collection of her dolls.
    Hugs, Drora

  2. Thankyou for looking Drora. I love my small people too! I waited 35 years for a dollhouse and 40 years for the dolls to live in it and I'm so excited that they are living there now!!

  3. Beautiful story and nice family. I also like the pictures.
    Bye Faby

  4. Me encantan los trabajos de Robin, son siempre fantasticos.
    Has conseguido una preciosa familia, me ha encantado la historia.
    besitos ascension

  5. What can I say??? I'm quite overwhelmed but your lovely comments. It's been such a joy to make your family. They look amazing now that they have reached 'home' and have taken up residence with Gran and Grandad.

  6. I have always believed doll houses should have dolls :). I love yours, Susan :). They have brought me smiles, reading their stories :)

  7. Hi Robin! Thanks for visiting the family in their own home ;) You've brought real joy to me and given the dollhouse a 'raison d'etre'. I love the humour in your people, you somehow managed to make them a lot like my own RL family.

  8. Hi Faby, I'm glad you like my family, it gives me such pleasure when you share my fun.

  9. Hi Ascension, thankyou for sharing my joy and the story of my dollhouse people.

  10. Hi Sans! Thankyou for your lovely comment!
    Like you, I think dollhouse people help bring out the 'story' of a miniature scene. There is a great deal of humour in my own family which Robin has somehow interpreted in her creation of my little people. There is also a Little Jim in every generation of my family, scruffy, one sock around his ankles, scratched, bruised and scarred from adventuring, teases the pets, pulls sisters pig-tails. Each of these dolls is a sort of amalgamation of family characters. Robin did a clever job with the descriptions I provided and I couldn't be happier!

  11. What a lot of fun your little family is having, you're going to be busy now making new little scenes and stories - and eventually changing tiny nappies by the look of it!

  12. I loved the write up on your dolls house family.

    I know how long you have waited for "your family", but they were oh so worth the wait.


  13. They were well worth the wait (all good things come to those who wait!). Love the story as well as the dolls and the fact you've named them after family members. The dolls are full of character :) Your house looks lovely too.

  14. I loved your story its so sweet :) Your dolls are beautiful they have so much character. Your pictures are wonderful.
    Hugs Maria

  15. Hi Norma, So lovely to see you here! I think I'll leave the nappy changing to Janet and Gran ;) but I've a feeling this is going to be a loooong pregnancy!

  16. G;day Dianne! Heheh, waiting and planning are half the fun aren't they? I know you like setting your dolls up with their bits and pieces so you'll 'get' how much fun it is arranging my family.

  17. Hi there Laura! Thanks for checking out my special family. I love the humour in Robins characters, it's not hard to weave some of the family history into these miniature people.

  18. Hi Maria, thanks so much for visiting the miniature family! They are a very happy bunch of people and love sharing their home and lives with visitors ;)

  19. These family pics are really sweet (and I LOVE the miniature toys!) :)

  20. Hi Susan, Robins dolls look wonderful, you have let them feel at home...i love how you placed them.
    What a cosy home that is, i see a lot of very nice details in your photo's.
    I love the tiles on the balcony and bathroom too.

  21. Hi Mijbil, thanks for visiting and meeting the family :)

  22. Hi Maria, thankyou for taking time to visit! Yes, Robins dolls are marvellous aren't they? I love the humour and loved playing with them. My second childhood is so much more fun than the first ;)

  23. Your family is fantastic Susan!! What a wonderful idea to name them after members of your very own family and you've given them all wonderful charcters. I love your story and your photos and I'm looking forward to seeing more family members in the future!!
    vicky xxxx

  24. Thanks for your kind comments Vicki! Glad you enjoyed my little family :)

  25. Looking fabulous! It would be so fun to play with it!

  26. Ohhh its just delightful the story and the display you made :) would love if you visit and follow my blog, regards!

  27. Hi Minnie Kitchen! Oh yes, I'm having fun :)) Thankyou for visiting!

  28. Hi Ana, thanks for your sweet comment!

  29. Your story its so sweet and your dolls are very nice all...!!I also like the pictures...Hugs

  30. Hi Maria Blanca! Thankyou so much for visiting the family in their home. I'm glad you like them :)

  31. Hi Susan,
    Annabelle has just picked your name and you are the winner of Bella-Mouse. I can't wait to send her to you. Please contact me with your address.
    Lucy of Evalina Rose

  32. Oh Lucy, a huge thankyou to yourself for your generosity and to Annabelle for choosing my name in the draw. Bella Mouse will be loved by all the people in the dollhouse but I think she will have a special place with Robin who loves mice and rats. Thankyou so much!

  33. OOOO so gorgeous!!! I love it all!
    Your so clever!!!!
    havent chatted for ages!!!
    Havent been in here either naughty me
    How are you sweet lady!!!!

  34. Hi Deni! Thanks for visiting and taking time to chat :) Very long time no see!! Was only thinking of you a few days ago and wondering where you're at and what you're doing with yourself.