The Current Fur Family

It's been quite a while since I mentioned
the Furkids,
so I thought I'd share a recent photo of my darlings.

The current family keeping my seat warm for me!
Four wonderful, eccentric, joyous

The Whinnying White Ninny
(white with chocolate nose)

Flossie Flannel Drawers
(Fawn with chocolate sabling, chocolate nose and white bib)

Freddy Frog
(Fawn with black sabling)

The Blonde Bomber
(Fawn and white, her sabling has faded with age)

They are my constant companions,
wherever I am, they also can be found.
The specially love to 'help' me crochet ;)
A lovely warm doggie blanket in winter,
not so welcome in summer!

When there were eight.

We have sadly lost four of our little troop
in the past couple of years.
The loss of a loved pet is such a private grief
don't you think?
It's especially difficult to lose a young one.
was only 4 years old when she was diagnosed earlier this year
with Glaucoma.
Removal of her beautiful eyes was not an option
for this outrageous, energetic
Wild Child,
she would have suffered severe depression.
Choosing blindness for her would have been
a much easier decision for us
than choosing euthanasia
but knowing well the difficulties of life of a blind member
of a pack of dogs
and taking into consideration
our beloved Furbaby's age and personality,
we could not do that to her.

Vale my precious George,
we miss you.


  1. What a beautiful family you have,I love their names!! So sad about Georgie, what a sweetheart.

  2. Son una hermosura de cachorros Susan. siento lo del glaucoma de la otra perrita.
    Un abrazo
    GRACIAS por no tener palabra de verificación

  3. Thanks Jean. All of the dogs end up with names that suit their eccentricities :) Georgie was known as Jaws when she was young - no need to explain? - she grew up to be a very special girl.

  4. Hi Rosa, thankyou for visiting and your sweet comment.

  5. Your fur family is adorable. It really is sad to lose a pet when it's old but loosing a young one can break your heart. So sorry about Georgie. I can imagine what a difficult decision you had to make.
    Hugs, Drora

  6. What a gorgeous furry family, they are all adorable Susan!! Thank you for sharing these lovely photos.
    I agree that losing a pet is so painful. It must have been hard to lose four in such a short space of time, my heart goes out to you.
    vicky xxxx

  7. Hi Drora, thanks for visiting and for your kind comment. It was heartbreaking to lose our special little Georgie who had already been through one serious surgery in her short life.

  8. Hi Vicki, thanks for your kind words. It is always painful to lose a beloved pet but when it's due to old age it is less painful than losing a young one who should have years ahead of them. Having a pack of dogs of course means knowing you will face loss more often but it also brings such joy that I wouldn't be without my motley crew!

  9. What an adorable fur family! I had my fur family--three cats--die within a short period of time. It isn't easy, but thank goodness you have others--and boy are they sweet! Your blog is really nice--I'm so glad I rediscovered it today! xo Jennifer

  10. Hi Jennifer, thanks so much for visiting! I feel sad for you losing your beloved furkids too. Thanks for reminding me I hadn't visited Cupcake Cottage for a while!

  11. Sorry about Georgie. Your little family is so sweet, they really look adorable! :)

  12. Thanks for your kind comment mijbil. We all miss Georgie, including the dogs, but the dogs are happy again so I think they are adjusting.

  13. Annabelle just loves your dogs. She wishes she could have four, but one is enough for now. I am so sorry to hear about Georgie.
    Hugs Anna and Lucy

  14. Thanks Lucy. Maybe Annabelle will have 4 dogs when she's grown up! or, like me, have a lot more than 4 :))

  15. What a family of furbies , Susan!

    A friend of mine has to make a very tough decision of putting his very old friend to sleep. They have been together for more than 10 years but the dog is so old now , she can't even stand up anymore. Your story makes me realise that it is better for her to go. Thank you for sharing, Sue.

  16. Hi Sans, Letting our little fur friends go is the hardest decision to mak. I still cry for my loss so many months later but I know it was right not to sentence George to perhaps 10 years of blindness, This Wild Child would have hated that life. Another of my furkids went blind with cataracts when he was 10 years old, he coped very well because he was old and much less active but it was sad seeing him fearfully negotiating his way through a boisterous dog pack and being jostled and knocked around. I hope Georgie is bouncing about free of pain on the other side of the Rainbow-Bridge and will meet up with your friends dear furkid.

  17. Seguro que te dan maravillosos momentos, se les quiere como a uno más de la familia, yo diría que ocupan el primer lugar porque son fieles y los mejores amigos, adoro a los animales, ahora tengo en marcha una tienda de animales, especialmente perros y estoy disfrutando mucho con ella, los adoro.
    Como los seres humanos enferman y mueren y esos son los momentos tristes, mi madre acaba de fallecer y le he dedicado un homenaje en mi blog, a todos nos llegará ese momento pero no deja de ser triste-
    Siento lo del glaucoma de tu perrita, pero seguro que siempre ha estado felíz a tu lado.
    Un abrazo
    Un abrazo