Additions to the Miniature Population

With thanks to
the lovely lady who made them!!

Lil in her new domain.

Much persuasion was needed to induce Lil
to emigrate Downunder.
Janet and Jim
were in dire need of some quality help
with their large family
so Robin was asked if she knew of a nice
trustworthy lady who might like to travel
and see a bit of the world 
and take up a position with our family.
Lil was consulted but she wasn't immediately convinced,
she had the possibility of a good position
coming available close to home.
Inducements of a well appointed kitchen
and the great Australian weather
didn't appear to be much help convincing Lil to leave England.
I had a very nervous weekend waiting to hear
what her final decision would be...
Joy when the news came through
that Lil would be coming!!
(Gossip had it Lil was persuaded to emigrate
only when she heard that her dear Vicar,
whom she'd
"done for"
for years,
had accepted a posting Downunder.)

The Vicar is visiting to chat with Young Jim
about christening arrangements for the babies.

Lil and the Vicar appear to have taken
"The long way round"
on their journey to Australia,
arriving many days later than expected.
Robin and I feared Lil had had her way with the Vicar
and the two of them eloped.
Perhaps we'd never see them again!
They eventually showed up,
nonchalantly unpacked themselves
and made themselves at home,
without forwarding any explanation 
re their tardiness.
The Vicar is saying nothing whatever of their whereabouts.
When questioned, Lil firmly closed her lips
around a tiny smile.

 As soon as
the new arrivals had been revived from their journey
with a good cup of tea,
a photo session was arranged
to commemorate the occasion
but Lil was nowhere to be seen.
A frantic hunt ensued.
Grave fears were held for her safety.
Miniature people are warned
on their arrival
of the danger of
Miniature-Eating Wolves
lurking about.
(Chihuahuas - who also eat miniature crochet)
To everyones great relief
she was found to have
skived off to the computer desk for a quiet fag
(a habit I hope I can break her of soon)
and wasn't happy  about being required
to pose for a photo.
Her mood improved markedly
when she was shown the kitchen
where she immediately donned her pinny
and set to work with mop and bucket.
Woe-betide anyone
who walks dirt through her domain

And finally,
our older teenage daughter.
A horse mad lass!
She wasted no time
but made a beeline for the stable
to feed her horse an apple,
give him a good brush down
and pop a saddle on him for
a lovely ride.


  1. I'm lost for words....what a wonderfully funny Blog and such a lovely compliment to my characters. Great pictures of their new home - I KNOW they'll all be really happy with you Sus.

  2. What fun characters and stories, Susan! This is a really fun post! xo Jennifer

  3. Enhorabuena por tus fantasticos personajes.
    besitos ascension

  4. The gremlins must have run off with my earlier comment....perhaps they fancied Australia too! Such a lovely and witty Blog Susan - thanks for the compliment.

  5. Hi Robin, happy wave from far places!! I adore your Miniature People, love the humour in them!! They all seem very comfortable with their new lives and no sign of homesickness so far. Thankyou so much for your patience in helping bring my dollhouse to life :)

  6. Hi Jennifer! Thanks for visiting the family :) Find yourself a seat and help yourself to the teapot and scones!!

  7. Hi Ascension, lovely of you to visit! I'm glad you enjoyed my wonderful little family.

  8. Heheh, you must have visited during the night Robin. Lovely to find your comments just after we've breakfasted. I can't begin to tell you how happy I am with your wee characters and thankful for your expertise helping to bring my dollhouse story alive.

  9. This is a beautiful family.
    Bye Faby

  10. Hi Faby, thankyou for visiting!

  11. I'm definitely suspicious where Lil and the Vicar might have nipped off to... She's got a wicked smile and while the Vicar looks harmless we shouldn't be easily fooled by that - my grandma always used to say it's the quiet ones that need to be watched ;)

  12. Hi Susan, what lovely pictures and story :)
    I love Lil the cleaning lady !!!!!

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  13. Hi Norma! Great to hear from you, thanks for visiting!! Heheh, we're keeping an eye on Lil and the Vicar but who knows, with the easier social conditions in the Antipodes Lil and the Vicar might even make it legal ;)
    My dear friend, I haven't forgotten your jugs, you'll no doubt understand the lengthy delay....

    1. I seem to remember that I promised you a French bistro chair a very long time ago so I don't think you need to apologise about the jugs!! We've moved - again! - and my work area is in disarray and likely to remain so until uni finishes for the year - so no mini work on the horizon for me any time soon.

    2. Oh, thanks to you Norma, for replying to my comment I've found I now have the reply facility! I'd wondered how to get that on my blog.....blogger must have put it here.

      Sympathy for your moving again, no wonder you're quiet.

      Neither of us going anywhere, we'll work on our swap sometime!

  14. Hi Mieke! Thanks so much for visiting and taking time to read my silly tale ;))

  15. Hi Susan I loved your story lol. I guess we would all know what those two were up to ;) Wonderful dolls.
    Hugs Maria

  16. Hi Maria, thanks for visiting, lovely to have you here! I love the humour of Robins miniature characters, aren't they wonderful? The 'family' has brought my dollhouse and miniature scenes to life and giving them 'stories' is fun!!

  17. Hi Natalia, glad to see you! Thanks for stepping in to meet the family and read the daft story of my miniature family's lives.

  18. Hi Susan,
    I love your story. I have also stories around my dolls an houses/roomboxes.
    Lil looks graet and I hope she enjoys her new job!
    A big hug

    1. Hi Sonja! Thanks for visiting the 'family' :)) So far Lil is 'be'aving' herself but there's still a twinkle in her eye when she glances at the Vicar ;)

  19. Que maravillosos personaje!!
    ¡Me encantan!!!!
    Un abrazo

    1. Hi Flor! Thanks for your sweet comment, glad you like the 'family' :)

  20. I love your humour Suz, and your dollhouse family is certainly full of interesting characters. Hugs, Sandie.

  21. Hi Sandie, lovely of you to visit. Heheh, the dollhouse family is somewhat like my own family, full of characters.