The Babies Have Wheels!

Long ago, BMG
(that's Before Mini Graff)
I fell in love with Gill's baby prams and strollers
and I promised the miniature babies I'd ask Gill
if she'd make one or two for us.
However, in the meantime, Mini Graff arrived
and was in desperate need of his own wheeled chariot
which you'll remember Gill also made,
so the babies had to be patient and wait their turn.

Eventually arrangements were made for strollers for them
and just a week or so ago an interesting box with British
stamps on it arrived in the post!
With greatest excitement I got it open
as fast as possible!
Parcels with miniature treasures inside are like presents,
aren't they?
2 grandkids were here and they were almost as excited
as myself about opening the box.
Their first question...
Do the wheels go around?
Can you tell they're boys???

Young Christopher may have opened his eyes briefly
 to see what the noise was about but even when he was
strapped into his side of the new stroller he was
happy to continue his snooze.
Adelaide, on the other hand,
crowed and kicked and clapped her wee hands
and couldn't wait to settle into her seat!

Here they are ready to go for their first ride!
Their mama is so happy not to have to carry her
chubbby babies everywhere now.
The babies love the rattles
(that match the upholstery)
which Gill so kindly sent for them :)
And, of course the wheels go around!

Next out of that interesting box came a
gorgeous pink creation.
This one is for Emma Rose but,
as she's wearing her christening robe at the moment
and didn't want to crush it up,
one of the dollhouse twins consented to model for us.
She's about as interested in proceedings as Christoper,
yawning widely, ready for a nap ;)

Of course, being male, Mini Graff looked things
over to make sure there had been no damage
in transit and all was safe for the precious babies
to take their first outing.
Luckily I wasn't sleepy like certain small babies,
and I enjoyed play time perambulating babies
all around the dining table ;0)
RL Graff and both young grandsons are very
impressed with Gills' creations.
As for me, I adore them!
Gills attention to detail is amazing,
these little strollers are made exactly like a RL stroller.

Thanks Gill :))


  1. They're adorable!!! Adorable post, too! It's always a pleasure to hear from you, Susan. xo Jennifer

    1. Hi Jennifer, lovely of you to visit! Glad you enjoyed seeing the gorgeous strollers :)

  2. Hi Jennifer! Aren't Gills baby items beautiful?? They're correct in every detail. Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. Oh my gosh! Those strollers are so beautiful!! Those babies look irresistible in there!

    1. Hi Caroline! Gill is a very accomplished miniature artist isn't she? Heheh, miniature babies are sweet aren't they! No mess, no fuss and they don't grow up ;)

  4. Beautiful!
    I like the scenes.
    Greetings, Faby

  5. prachtige popjes
    groetjes Marja

  6. Hello Susan! How wonderful to get such a longed for parcel in the mail! It was SOOO worth the wait! The pram and the stroller are both delightful and the babies all fit so naturally and comfortably in them! You and Gill have a good thing goin and her work and yours complement each other to a "T" !!!
    Have fun taking the babies for a stroll around the dining room table Susan, they always sleep better with a little outing before bed! :D


    1. Hi there Elizabeth :) Don't you think waiting is half the fun with miniatures? The longer you wait the more you enjoy! Gill is surely a clever lady, I'm so glad I found her and feel very lucky to have some of her clever miniatures.

  7. Hi Susan! They are so beautifully made and so adorable!
    I love the questions of your grandsons whilst unpacking the box :D!
    Hugs, Ilona

    1. Hi Ilona, I'm glad you enjoyed a little stroll around my dining table with me and the babies and the grandsons ;)

  8. Replies
    1. Hi Robin - another talented British miniaturist! Gill's strollers are pretty wonderful :) Mini Graff gives them the thumbs up ;))

  9. The strollers look so well made Susan and the babies certainly look pleased with them. I must check out Gill's website.

  10. Hi Margaret! The babies are very pleased with their strollers, as am I. I can attest to Gills attention to detail. When she consented to make Mini Graffs' chariot there was much measuring and photographing and information required before Gill started and the end result is quite amazingly like the RL version!

  11. Hi Susan. i just found your Blog and so glad I did!! your work is amazing, I love minis and I love crochet, to be able to combine the two, must be wonderful. Your tea cosies are 2die4 !! I am going to follow your blog, have to see more :) The strollers are too cute for words.
    Wish you a wonderful weekend XX

  12. Hi Jannet, nice to meet you and thank you for leaving such a sweet comment! I'm glad you enjoyed your visit. Now I'm off to peek at your blog :)

  13. Thanks to an earlier intro to her work, I have actually gone over to Gill's site. Her strollers are just like the real thing!

    And you know what , your babies , already so adorable look even more so in them :)

    1. G'day dear Sans! Lovely to see you back in the miniature world. Gills' strollers really are the real thing, she's brilliant!

  14. Hello there my lovely mate from DU (that's down under for anyone reading this lol) How lovely to see your blog update with so many nice things said about my mini creations... thank you so much :) <> I'm just about to update my blog too, been so ultra busy as always I've only just found the time but there will be a spot dedicated to you and the wonderful surprise you sent me :D I still keep looking at all the detail and still can't get over it! <>
    Talk soon my friend

  15. G'day Gill! It's no wonder you're busy, such clever hands must be in the greatest demand, I bet you don't have any down time. Every time I pass the nurseries I see happy babies enjoying their strollers, I can't tell you how much I love them mate!!

  16. Hi Susan,
    Thank you for your nice comment. I'm sorry to hear that you have CFS, I know the impact, and I know it's even worse than you think, as you get used to having less energy and being able to do less. I hope you will find your miracle soon! You may want to look in to what a rehabilitation program does, if it could help you, the way that it did me.


  17. Hi Marit, I'm glad you found an answer to help your health!! Yes, it would be wonderful if I could find answers too :)

  18. Hi Susan:
    Loved the strollers and the babies too. May I ask where you got the babies? Wish I had babies in my mini world. Maybe I should do a roombox?

    1. Hi Donne, thank you for visiting and taking time to leave a comment! Yesss!! make a roombox or even a shadow box, you'll have so much fun with a smaller scene like that.

  19. Just loved the strollers, they are done beautifully. And the babies. May I ask who made them? Wish I had babies in my mini world, maybe I should make a roombox?

    1. Yes Donna, the strollers are absolutely amazing in their detail, true to life like all of Gills creations. The tiny newborn all porcelain baby was made by a dear friend who unfortunately doesn't sell, the two larger babies are alliebean creations bought on ebay. Pleeease do a roombox and you need to start a blog so we can all enjoy along with you!!!

  20. Hola Susan
    Me ha encantado esa escena, adorable!!!
    Con los bebes en la sillita y el abuelo........muy dulce.
    besitos ascension

  21. Hi Ascension! Thanks for your sweet comment!!