Where I Live

In a Tree House.
Or is that House In Tree?

The extreme weather conditions on the east coast of Australia
has caused a lot of damage
This is our little bit of damage.
I was barbecueing sausages in the Weber
on the back porch yesterday evening
to feed two hungry nephews, who
couldn't get to their home due to flooding,
when my Other Half shouted to me to come
and shift the car out of the car port.
Oh, that's a bit of a ****** I said,
upon seeing what the noise was about.
Moved car, went back to aforesaid sausages.
Other Half then attempted to contact
the Heroes
of the very overworked
No point wasting hot sausages,
we all proceeded to consume our meal
(in the dining room at the back of the house
well away from the damage),
only to be interrupted by
Police and SES
banging on the back gate.
Men in uniforms trooped in,
leaving a crowd of sightseers on the road,
braving the high winds and driving rain.
Neighbours must have managed to contact
the Services before we had.

We offered the nice men sausages
but they apparently aren't allowed
to eat sausages whilst on duty.
Nobody hurt?
Did we wish to evacuate?
Not really.
A brief inspection,
trim a few branches away from the gate.
Nothing more could be achieved until
the 100km per hour winds abate
so we spent a normal evening.
The only difference being
intermittent creaking
as the tree settled further into
its' new position.
A restful night was had by all,
including the tree. 


  1. You live in such a beautiful part of Australia, I suppose there has to be a few 'irritations'. Thank goodness it wasn't anything worse.

    "Oh, that's a bit of a ****** I said" You don't need to asterisk 'bother' you know. :-p

    1. Thanks for the reminder that bother doesn't need asterisks Christine, I'll remember that for next time ;)
      A few irritations, yes. It would have been easier to get excited over the incident if this hadn't been the third carport nature has taken out over the 30 years we've lived here....

  2. I'm glad to hear that you are ok...what is it with this weird weather we are having? We didn't get the high winds but it has been raining for a few days. Good excuse to stay inside and make minis.

    1. Australia is definitely a land of contrasts isn't it Indy-Poppy? Beautiful one minute, battering us the next. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. You tell a good story. Thanks for sharing the excellent photos too. Glad no one was hurt. Take care. xo Jennifer

    1. Hi Jennifer, Thanks for caring! Lovely of you to come for a visit.

  4. Replies
    1. We're lucky Lucille, we even got the car out without a scratch. Thanks for taking time to comment!

  5. Mother nature can do some frightening things, I am glad that you are all-right.

    1. In this instance it was the human element that did the crazy thing Lucy, the electricity company cut all one side away from that tree. When I told them it was dangerous they sent an inspector who assured me it wouldn't fall...Thanks so much for caring.

  6. Wow Susan you are lucky noone was hurt, I always feel nervous in very windy weather. Hopefully your insurance will cover the damage.

    1. Yes Margaret, we are lucky and we know it. The rain has been insane, with the wind following there has been a lot of damage right down the coast, others fared much worse than losing a carport.

  7. Que malo lo del temporal, pero que bueno que ustedes están bien!!

  8. Hi Beatriz, thank you so much for your kind comment!

  9. You are certainly lucky and still maintain your sense of humour. Laughing at the bit they can't eat sausages when on duty :) it could have been so much worse. I really hate it when it's windy as I worry about our roof!

    1. Heheh Laura, it's not as easy to get excited about a demolished carport the third time it happens in 30 years ;) Windy weather disturbs almost everyone I think and animals don't like it either. Thanks for stopping by my friend!

  10. We're having the sausages tonight, no wild wind to go with them though. Glad you all made it through ok. Darn shame about the carport and the tree! That tree was huge, you can see it on Google Earth... not that I spy on the old neighbourhood in Google Earth, just a passing peek occasionally. Hope the carport gets fixed soon.

    1. I was watching your mum and dads trees at the height of that gale and hoping they didn't come down, little thinking it would be the pecan nut that would go first! The SES cleared the roof late yesterday but the trunk is still embedded in the carport and a lot of the weight is still on the house - windows are stuck in their frames and can't be opened/closed. We'll miss our big shady tree though :( Hope the sausages were good and you're not getting too much of the wet stuff from the new weather system on its way....

  11. Hi Susan, What a terrible mess, so lucky the car and house are o.k and that the carport was large enough to take most of the impact. We have only had a bit of rain down here, fingers crossed it stays that way. Tamara x

    1. Hi Tamara, thanks for dropping in! I guess you'll be getting rain today, batten the hatches and I hope the wind doesn't give you too much grief.

  12. every where seems to be having strange weather just lately, we are now snowing and its very cold, glad no one was hurt, take care

    1. It seems late in the season for snow Debbie, I hope it doesn't hang around for too long. We were very lucky, only a few roof tiles dislodged, compared to people whose homes flooded for the second time in a month we've got nothing to complain about.

  13. Cor blimey! That was a bit close for comfort!

    The SES must be stretched to breaking point with all the wind and rain this summer. They truly are 'angels in overalls'.

    1. Ah Norma, a miss is as good as a mile they say ;) We know we were lucky, so many are so much worse off with flooding.

      The SES are good people, giving their time and expertise so willingly. they came back when the wind had abated and cleared the house roof and made it watertight.

      Now we wait on contractors to remove the trunk which is still embedded in the crushed carport......

  14. Dear Susan, We have been following this latest bit of wild weather in Au. Via the Internet. Glad all are safe at your house.
    The SAS and other volunteer groups are amazIng. My sister and husband are in the country volunteer fire brigade and have had a busy season before the rains hit.
    All the best.

    1. Hi Janine, thanks for the well wishes. Please send a huge thank you to your sister and b-i-l for giving their time and expertise to Australia, they're good people.

      We get this sort of weather every 20 years or so, trouble is, we forget so quickly. Many homes have been built where my parents told me there was 15ft of water in the early 50's flood weather systems.

      We had a drought for oh...about 5 minutes this morning - it just broke!!

  15. Hey Susan, I can definitely eat sausages any time! Love reading your posts even when you are irritated. Like everyone, I am glad no one's hurt!

  16. G'day Sans! Come and eat sausages next time you're in Australia :) Thanks for leaving a message, I appreciate it very much. The irritation starts NOW...waiting on contractors while the rain continues to fall!