Things and A New Year!

Happy New Year
to everyone!
A little late but better late than never.
A whole new year to play in :)
I hope 2016 is kind to everyone
and we all get to play!

Much has happened in my RL already to start this year,
some happy, some sad.
That's life for you,
smile and find the happy!

Things....... happy things :)))


A new crochet project :)
You can guess what it is.
Many hours so far,
many hours still to do.
Littlest Little Baby overseeing my crochet
exactly as RL Little Baby does!
Both are such good girls,
they don't eat my crochet
as certain other canine friends
have been wont to do ;)


A loaf of sourdough bread,
still warm from my oven, smells divine :))
I've been making bread for 43 years
and never tire of the joy of
taking a beautiful loaf from the oven.
The magic of turning a kilo of flour into bread
never palls.


Ready to make soap,
the mould lined and waiting,
tools prepared.

When you have sensitivities
you make your own creamy lathering soap!
Another smile when it comes out of the mould,
is cut into bars,
and stacked to mature.

Enjoy the everyday things,
that's what life is all about.
And I really do hope to be able to post
more often this year!!


  1. I sincerely hope you'll be able too Susan. I'm so sorry the new year has had some sad events already, besides the happy .. I wish you the best with all and wish for all the good and (better) health you can hope for!! I love your enthousiasm and zest for life! And gratitude, I can tell you're a happy soul despite lots of challenges in your life. Ah, I can imagine, freshly baked bread is the best, my boyfriend has had to bake mine for years, mmm the heavenly smell! The soap sounds good, for the same reason I have the most affordable cheap natural bars of soap made into liquid soap on the stove, much (much) cheaper than natural liquid soap :D Your little baby looks adorable, as your RL one clearly is, animals are priceless aren't they? :D

    1. Oh yes Monique, it would be lovely to be able to get back to blogging! Counting blessings helps keep the happy in each day :)

  2. Your bread looks so delicious and you are making soap, that is something I would love to try since I am always buying soap others make and sell at crafts shows. Good for you and Happy New Year. Mini Hugs, Jean

    1. Hi Jean! Wishing you a wonderful new year too! Making basic soap is the easiest thing in the world, try it! Don't rush is the best advice. Sourdough bread on the other hand took time to master but is so worth the effort.

  3. A lovely post, and you are so right in focusing on the happy things. I am trying to do the same. Blessings, Pam in Norway xx

    1. Happy New Year Pam! You of course know the challenges! Counting blessings brings happiness to each day and sharing the happiness brings even more. So happy you dropped in :) Have a lovely day!

  4. Muy trabajadora hacer oan y jabon me ha parecido muy interesante.
    Un abrazo


  5. hallo Maite, Feliz Año Nuevo! Hacer jabón es muy fácil y muy divertido de ver la vuelta de aceite en jabón magia :)

  6. Happy New Year Susan ♥ ♥ I hope this year will be filled with lots more happy things and joy!! Your tiny crochet is gorgeous and the bread looks yummy :) Hugs ♥ ♥

    1. Hi Vicki! I hope the new year is kind to you! Thanks for dropping in, lovely to see you :)

  7. Happy New Year Susan!!! I am so Pleased to see your Beautiful Crocheted mini coverlet! Your work is ALWAYS brings a smile to my face, plus your Bread is making my mouth water!!! Although I have NEVER attempted to try and make my own bread, I'll never say NO to eating someone elses, hahaha.
    Your little Littlest Baby has made herself right at home at the foot of the bed, much like my dog Sadie Bear does on mine. :D
    Happy Soap making Susan and I hope that whatever it is that has made you sad will dissolve and/or heal given time.


  8. G'day Elizabeth and New Year blessings to you dear lady! Yes, happiness is being able to pick up my miniature crochet hook again :) it's been too long!

  9. Hi Susan must be time we facetimed again hope you all ok
    Oh your crochet rug is adorable your so clever
    How is your dollhouse coming along
    I've been working on some beds and our group is making a mouse house we have a small box each to fill its fun but time consuming as you all know lol
    Hope to hear from you soon
    Lotsa hugs Deni

  10. Hey Deni, g'day maaate! Long time no talk, eh? Must remedy that soon. You are so lucky to have a group you can play with!! Your project sounds like fun, I like meeces nearly as much as piggies ;) can't wait to see!

  11. Wow Sus - you're so right!! The happy stuff is the greatest. Hope you are all keeping well. Still waiting for the picnic to happen!! Hugs to you all....

    1. Hi Lidi, too right, picnic needed. We need a cool day, shouldn't be long, summer can't last forever. Keep happy!

  12. These minis gosh haven't done much in ages then worked 3 days on like 3 beds crazy! But it is fun ! Had 2 ladies visit me today, mini folks have such a great fun time have another idea to make a little house for one of them so I'm keeping busy we must talk soon take care

    1. Heheh, I have to admit to a twinge of jealousy Deni ;) miniature get togethers are such fun and so inspiring. I've been lucky to be inspired by another blogger to do some baby crochet, can't show it, it's on its' way to The Netherlands! Back to working on the lace bedspread in this post, very tedious but getting pretty. Also, I took custody of one grandsons roombox as he leaves home and steps into adulthood. A joint effort made to his specifications when he was 8 years old, needing some tlc but brings back fond memories of that special time we spent together. So, as busy as life allows :) Must facetime for a proper catch up!