More doodling.

Not sure which size block to use.........probably need to make more of the larger one to get an idea of overall look.  The small block would be good for an afghan but may be too much for a whole spread.  Either way there are a good few hours of work ahead.

A conservative estimate of the time involved for this more formal spread would be in the region of 120 hours.
This photo is part of a roombox I filled for a miniature crochet display.  The bed usually lives in my dollhouse and Emma Rose has her own roombox.


  1. Susan, that is a beautiful display of crochet. I do a little myself, so I know how much work went into it. I am especially partial to the christening dress and the bedspread is outstanding!

  2. Thanks Casey!! Yes, miniature crochet takes a lot of time, not much to show for the effort. Glad you like the little display.

  3. That is just sweet as!
    How hard is that? I can't even crochet normal!lol
    I would luv a real baby size one of those I have to keep looking for a pattern!

  4. Deni, I worked out this block by using elements of a life size design. Easy enough to do, just takes time working out in miniature. Glad you like it :) I'm now on the hunt for Madeira stranded embroidery thread to make the bedspread from.