Shabby but not too chic............

Grandson came over and we played with knives! 
We think the loose box needs to be 1" wider but apart from that we're happy with the mock up, we'll use mdf and ply for the stable proper.  The front fence will be uprights in the finished stable so the horse can't get his foot over a rail ;)


  1. How annoying to have to work 'one eyed' for a while! That looks like a fun project - I can just imagine your grandson telling his friends that on the weekend he went to grandmas, built a horse box and got to play with knives - they'll all want to be 'adopted' :)

  2. Susan, you mean you have done this work with only one eye!!! It's hard to work that way but the result is great!!!
    Take care,

  3. Hahaha Norma, that's funny! This kid is smarter than the average bear, when he was only 8 years old he learned to use my dremel scroll saw! Now he's 12 with an educated eye he keeps me on my toes.

    My eye is great now Meli, thanks!

    I'd better start marking the wood for the real stable or next time the lad is here I'll be in trouble!

  4. HI Susan, I can't wait to see your stable box finished. Please take care of your eye. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Happy holidays!
    Hugs, Marisa from New York.

  5. Your crocheting looks just wonderful, especially the bear called Microdot!