Look who came to live with us!

After much thought, as you'd expect when adopting ;) I finally gave in to my hearts pleading and a little girl named Isabelle Ivy came to be a sister for Emma Rose!
She's a little sweetie.  A small ray of sunshine in a week that could have been better! 

Feeling a trifle under the weather (battered in spirit after losing one of my dear dogs and bruised in flesh from a fall) the arrival of Isabelle Ivy brought a smile and brightened things up no end!  Aren't miniatures and miniature friends the best balm for the spirits?


  1. What a precious little doll! So sorry to hear of your loss and your fall. Hope you are doing okay?
    I agree that minis and mini friends are great for lifting your spirit. Big hugs to you today.

  2. Im sorry to hear about your little friend it is so hard, when we loose our pets!

    Im glad you found the cutest little doll!
    I must go search I would like a doll like Casey's Tessie

  3. Thanks so much for your kind comments and hugs Kathi. Yes, life goes on, I'm ok. With 7 other dogs I'd better be ok!

    Thankyou Deni, you're so right about losing furkids, they're somehow more part of life than RL kids who leave home and become independent. Good luck with your search for a "Tessie"!

  4. OH My!!! 7 dogs how do you keep the food up to them?
    My RL Kids have gone too!sad not like it ! but thats life I have Molly (cat) Dana and Jessie my doggies luv them to bits!

  5. My heart goes out to you on the loss of your dear friend- one or eight- they are all individuals and each has your heart I am sure. Isabel Ivy is adorable!

  6. Thanks Kim, I appreciate your kind thoughts. Yes, you're right about furkids being indiviuals. They need you but they give so much in return.

    Hahaha Deni, 7 is less than 8! ;) The food? My little furkids average about 3kg each, all up that's only about 21kg between 7 of them - less than one medium sized dog so the food bill isn't major.