Make a pie tin

I am not a poly clay artist, the practical rather than the beautiful comes easier.  This pie dish is easy enough for anyone to make.

My grandson helped, they are his hands in the photos.  The pics are fairly much self explanatory, simple tools and aluminium tops from drink bottles are all you need.

Cut along the dotted line!

Pull out the insert.  Fold the edge down a little with smooth nosed pliers.

File the edge down to a 'pie dish' depth.

Smooth the top and Voila!

Cook a yummy pie in your new pie dish.  Don't look too closely, I'm not a poly clay artist!


  1. Is great! congrats, is a good idea! ;)

  2. It looks great- what fun you and your grandchildren must be having!

  3. Thanks friends. I'm glad it's an idea you can use, I thought it up myself.

    Yes Kim, it's fun with the grandies, the chatter, joking and laugter is precious. I'd rather feed them a week than a month though, crikey kids can eat! They're bottomless pits!! Good to see healthy appetites and happy faces.

  4. Your blog is very, very intresting! I love everything mini.
    koronka from Poland :-)

  5. Oh How clever is that!
    So much better than a beer bottle top!
    They are just too big but Ok for the tudor scenes
    Thank you
    I will get onto that now! I need to make apple pies for Cora's room!

  6. Oops I forgot to say your pie looks yummy
    Is that a custard Tart?
    OOO Like to make one of those

  7. Hi Koronka! A big wave to you from Downunder in Australia. Glad you enjoyed looking at my miniatures.

    Yes Deni, I didn't like bottle cap pies either, it got me thinking what else to use. Heheh, yep, it's a custard tart :) Love them in RL! If I can make a miniature one I know you can too, I'm the biggest dunce with poly clay.

  8. You're selling yourself short on your polymer clay skills, your custard tart looks great!

  9. I truly appreciate your comment Vicki, thankyou! but I have to explain that I sweated blood over this tart and haven't got any better!