Miniatures take a backseat..........

to "real life" at times. 

Christmas and New Year are big Downunder with long school holidays covering about 6 weeks during the hottest time of the year and many taking their annual work holiday.

Being much better with tools than clay I had Levi assist me with a photo tutorial for making pie dishes - coming soon to this space.  Waaaah!  I'm having photo problems in my computer so can't share the pics in the camera for the moment.

I can share something I began making in late November and had to lay aside during the silly season - two shabby type containers for my pink baby roombox.  They were made using clear plastic pen casing, beads and press studs.  The taller one will hold cotton balls while the short one already holds cotton buds.

If anyone can tell me how to make paint stick to this type of shiny silver bead I would be very grateful, I painted them every which way I could think but every time the paint just came off the minute I touched them.  Gesso helped the paint stick to the press studs but those beads....................frustration!


  1. Susan, sometimes washing the pieces with either nail polish remover, alcohol or vinegar may help. Not being able to tell exactly what the finish is makes it difficult. You may have to do some mad scientist experimentation.

  2. Thanks Casey, I'll give it a whirl though the number of trials and cleans off's has even removed the original antiqueing from the beads so I don't know how much "finish" is left ;) Hmmm, a mad scientist thought just came to mind, maybe a slightly stronger acid than vinegar would rough up the surface. More experimentation needed!

  3. Cann't help you Susan but it's a lovely work!!
    My congratulations,

  4. Hi Susan, Don't know of the above tips worked. I have been using a metal primer from a hobby store for preparing metal surfaces for paint, it is made in Japan, just called Metal Primer. Might be useful if you have other projects to do with metal. Also the hobby paints are supposed to adhere to just about anything, metal, plastic, glass etc. Worth a try.

  5. Thanks for the tip Margaret!

  6. Hi Susan, try painting the metal with a thin layer of glue thinned with water or better yet, my favorite, Glue N' Seal; a glue and sealer. It is not gloppy, dries matte and clear,cleans up with soap and water and paint will stick to it, which is what I think you are wanting. I picked mine up at Michael's. I think that Mod Podge would work in the same way too. Your idea for using the clear plastic pen cases is brilliant!

  7. Hi Elizabeth, thanks for the hint about the glue. I ended up locating some tamiya metal primer which works well but glue would be a heck of a lot cheaper!