Snowdrops are Early

In spite of high winds there's a feeling of spring
in my garden,
the snow drops have popped out 
8 days earlier than last year.
Yes, I guess it's a bit obsessive to write that on the calendar ;)

The promise of spring,
warm days,


  1. I want a mild winter for you. : D
    *let the snow hitting only the window, do not let the snow to get to your heart ...

  2. Oh us poor Southern Hemisphere folk waiting desperately for Spring. No snowdrops here yet...just a very confused iris who didn't realise it was still winter.
    I hope that very cute little doll has packed some woolly clothes in her beachbag too!

  3. The baby is very cute.
    Bye Faby

  4. Still amazes me that our seasons are opposite :) Snowdrops are always a good sign :) Love the baby doll too

  5. I wouldn't mind some snow Eliana but we're lucky to get a frost here in sub-tropical paradise!

    Haha Carolyn, one confused Iris might be the harbinger of an early spring for you too. Somehow I don't think we're going to need woolies here for many more days.

    Thanks Faby. This little doll is a favourite of mine too.

    Yes Laura, I have problems with the upside down seasons too. When we are sweltering in heat and humidity I get seriously jealous of the snowy North!

  6. Hola Susan :
    ¡¡ que linda ropita !!
    me gusta muchisimo !!
    y a la muñequita le sienta divinamente !!
    una vez mas ,has hecho un inmejorable trabajo !!
    felicidades !!

    . * . (\ *** /) * . * Un besito
    .* . * ( \(_)/ ) * * . cielo
    .* . * (_ /|\ _) . * . que tengas
    .* . * . /___\ * . . un buen dia

  7. Thankyou Victoria! It only looks a simple little outfit but those ruffles on the pants cost many an hour to work out the design....

  8. Love the baby pink suit!! I miss the snow...miniregards from sunny and too hot Spain,Sonia.

  9. Que bien te ha quedado la ropita, al bebe se le ve feliz.
    besitos ascension

  10. We get ample frost up here in the Sunshine State - you can have some of ours :D My heliotropes will thank you! I noticed our first snowdrop the other day as well and the jonquils have been blooming merrily for about 6 weeks. Your baby looks well set for warmer days - she is lovely. :)

  11. Gee, thanks for the frost Christine, when can I expect it? ;)
    My heliotrope flowers all winter...we grow bananas here due to the micro-climate. One hour north, no bananas.

    Thankyou Ascension! My miniature babies are dressed better
    than I am ;))

    Sonia, I think I'd like to visit
    Spain, so much history, but the heat!!

  12. Susan ¡que ropita más hermosa!!!!
    Y me impresiona cuando pueden tejer tan pequeño Ö
    Un abrazo

  13. Susan,I am enjoying the winter - not looking forward to our hot and humid summer at all. I enjoyed the 2-4 deg temps on our trip home last week vbg. Contrary I guess but it is easier to rug up against the cold than to keep cool. It's just soooo good to see you posting again! Love the outfit on your little doll, you clever lady.

  14. "we grow bananas here due to the micro-climate." Bananas! Bananas are something we admire in the shops knowing you could never expect to own one. :D I'll be able to drop in conversation (with an appropriately snobby voice) 'My friend Susan has bananas whenever she fancies them'. :D

  15. I have my internet connection at the new place at last so I can catch up a bit on what's been going on. I see your little baby has been enjoying warmer days, she'll love the forecast for this week then! I noticed pink blossoms near the uni just before we moved, don't know how they fared over the cold and wet since then. I'm certainly glad to see the sunshine again!!

  16. Hi Flor! Thankyou for visiting and for your sweet comment :)

    Hi Sandra, you sound just like me. I go into mourning on the shortest day of the year because it heralds the heat and humidity of summer! I agree totally about being able to rug up in winter. You can't convince me the heat only lasts for 1/4 of the year, it seems more like 3/4!!!

    Heheh Christine, you're a hoot, love your slant on life! The bananas round here are nearly $14.00 a kg at the moment, just as well I'm allergic to them ;) BTW, I haven't forgotten you. Life has been too busy for my likeing and suddenly got busier recently but that particular busy is a good one. Exciting news, will share pics here soon!!!

    Yay Norma! You're back :))) Hope life is settling down for you and the move is all good. Want to know a secret? That darling little 'she' doll is anatomically correct ;) 'He' doesn't mind modelling both sorts of clothes for me though :))

  17. Love the baby and the baby suit!
    Ina :D

  18. Thankyou for visiting Malinik! I'm glad you like the little baby suit :)