Long Time No See..........

Real life gave me some grief over the last couple of months
there's been nothing to share,
hence my silent blog.

I'm so disappointed that my courtyard has had to be put on hold
for the time being.
Every week it's been fingers crossed that I could make it to Lidi's
for a lesson
and then
when it doesn't come off.

Miniature crochet took a holiday too
A dear friend suggested a swap!
What better way to get yourself out of a deep hole
than to put some love into
a miniature swap.

I feel like the luckiest person in the world today!!
I am the proud new mother of 
a Belly Button Baby,
designed by none other than the very talented
who made big sister Adelaide and big brother Christopher,
both of whom you've met before.
Now take a peek at Midget who is modelling the
Christening Layette
that I made for my end of the swap.

Bonnet, bootees, and pilcher designed by me.

Gown and petticoat inspired by a Doris Thurlow pattern
but made of finer thread with a finer hook
and downsized to fit this 1 3/4" baby doll.

And here she is with big sister!
Isn't she the cutest tiny thing?

There won't be any more miniatures happening for a couple of weeks,
my close work glasses broke :[
You might as well cut my hands off as take my glasses away!!


  1. Fantastic work!!!
    I like it very much!!!

  2. Realmente maravilloso; es un trabajo celestial... ni en siglos que viva podré hacer algo similar. Eres mi artista favorita del crochet.
    Un beso muy grande.

  3. Son preciosos, que maravilla.
    Un beso

  4. Thankyou all you lovely ladies for your sweet comments :)
    Little Midget is a sweet doll to dress, I enjoyed making this layette very much.

  5. Adorable! I hope you can get back into your work soon!

  6. Midget is adorable. I love the little dresses.


  7. Your work is very beautiful and the doll is precious like her sisters. I hope you get new glasses soon and can continue with your marvellous work.

  8. Susan Dianne just sent me the the way the BBBabies crawl into ones heart. Love your work, Doris Thurlow remains my favorite designer. She was so clever in the way she did things....

  9. So cute! And she can move her arms!
    The crochet clothes are fantastic!

  10. Beautiful and sweet babies.
    Bye Faby

  11. Es un trabajo fantastico, esos bebes estan preciosos.
    Siento lo de tus gafas.
    besitos ascension

  12. Thankyou for visiting Midget and for your lovely comments!

  13. Sharon, I learned a lot from Doris Thurlow. This layette remains a favourite, I enjoy making it every time. I've also learned from crocheting your patterns, I love your lacy style, something I'm not so good at creating. My own designs are usually not lacy which is why I enjoy so much making other designers patterns, all I have to do is re-size to suit the individual doll and enjoy the work!

  14. Absolutely beautiful - I hope you get your new glasses soon and I hope you feel better soon and get back to your courtyard but as always your work is stunning and the belly button baby is so cute :)

  15. Thanks for your lovely comments about Midget!

    New glasses shouldn't take too long, I did try a 0.5mm hook last night but it wasn't easy.

  16. Amazingly tiny neat work at usual! I especially love the itty bitty booties, nappy pants and bonnet. Cute kids too :) Hope you get to work on your courtyard soon.

  17. Thanks Sherri-Lee! Heheh, I made 5 pairs of those pilcher pants before I was happy with the fit for this baby. Not to mention 4 bootees! Got lucky with the bonnet, only 3 ;)

  18. Yes, she is so cuuuuuute.
    Hugs from Craftland

  19. Hi Susan, wonderful work as always, gosh you can work some magic with that hook of yours! Sorry I'm a bit late with the comment but RL has been interfering with my free time too.

  20. Thanks for visiting ladies and for your sweet comments.

    RL shouldn't be allowed to take time from our miniature life Bev but somehow it does! Hope you find some time for your addiction soon.

  21. It's all so adorable. Great swap! =)

  22. Thank you for following my blog Susan! (A scarlet dreamer)
    Wow- you're so talented! I would love to learn to crochet, and am feeling all inspired now!

    1. Hi Scarlet, thanks for visiting! Hope to see you crocheting some time soon!!