A New Cupboard for the Modern Kitchen

It's a couple of years since Real Life allowed time
for creative thinking and putting ideas together,
when I found myself with half a day free and
nothing desperately calling for attention,
I played!!
Bashing cupboard doors out,
fitting paper to the back,
finding pretty things
for the shelves.
Miniature time at its best.
I don't like the drawer/tray in the lower right opening
so it hasn't been painted.
Any suggestions what I can put there instead?


  1. Beautiful! I like the things that you put in.
    Bye Faby

  2. I love your cupboard. I'd suggest a wicker basket. even two, to fill the open space left by the drawers.
    Hugs, Drora

  3. El mueble es precioso y todos los detalles.
    El cajon de la parte derecha, tienes razon en que no queda bien, yo supongo que seria mejor que hubiese otra puerta.
    No tengo mucha idea con los muebles, pero me parece que quedaria mas real.
    besitos ascension

  4. Beautiful cupboard. Wonderful details. A white basket might be nice :)
    Hugs Maria

  5. Susan what a pretty cabinet! The plates and cups and the little box and other bits are just so sweet - I love them! As for the drawer, I quite like it, perhaps if you put another pretty box underneath it? Some pretty floral and checked or striped fabric (placemats perhaps) in the drawer? I really like the way that section is open, and it would be a shame to not have some sort of divider, it gives so much more scope for putting things in there. And I like the idea of tray rather than a shelf - it could be just taken out and carried to the table when mini people want to set the table. Hugs, Sandie

  6. Thanks everyone for such great ideas how to fix up that troublesome lower right space! I think I can see how to make two shallow white baskets to go there after reading all your hints.

    The tray idea was meant to be as you said Sandie, removable for whatever activity, but it turned out a bit clumsy looking.

    Now to find another half day all to myself............

  7. Oh Susan I love your cupboard :) As always you have done a wonderful job. What about wicker baskets in the open space.

  8. Hi Susan,now I follow your blog.What beautiful work¡

  9. Isn't it lovely when we can finally make something? There are days when I want to drift away from real life and just bash full time :):). Your cupboard is filled with the most amazing details! :).

    I too like the drawer /tray. For me, I will probably keep it and have it open as if someone has forgotten to close it after retrieving some forks and spoons but wicker baskets are good too. Always love baskets in a hutch :).

  10. Hi Sans! Thankyou for visiting!! I played with the new cupboard last night and made 2 baskets, I think they look better. All will be revealed soon :)