My Secret Addiction

I've been hiding away a bit of late,
taking time out to recover from 
Christmas, school holiday, new year activities,
indulging myself in my secret addiction.
A little addiction that helps when the miniature bug
goes into hibernation,
helps keeps creativity alive.

Shall I show you??...

before we go there.....
(dithering about revealing my secret here)
would you like a tour of my workroom???
Did you say yes?
Ok then, I'll show you my enormous
well appointed workroom.
Here it is :)

Yep, that's it.
My workroom.
A table on castors, made for me by my Other Half
using the base of my old office chair.
It follows me from room to room,
will fit over my knees if I want to sit on the lounge.
For bigger projects it's the dining table but anything that
will fit on the cutting mat goes on my rolling table
and doesn't have to be tidied up at meal times.
You can see that indulging in my secret addiction
has cured the miniatures blues,
there are a couple of things under way in my 'workroom'.
Those 3 doodads in centre front are handles
and blade for a bread knife in progress.
The 'perspective' drawing was done by none other
than 11 year old grandson,
Gran tried faithfully to reproduce it to specifications
for his kitchen roombox.
Here is a closer view
 not yet ready to hang but we couldn't resist having a little play.
We're waiting on
'exciting small parcels'
containing treasures to add
and have plans to add some bright spots of colour,
some sunny yellow perhaps,
to tie in with the rest of the kitchen.
This kitchen will be finished
with the hanging of the shelf
and I hope this year will see a few more
uncompleted projects finished
after three years of
too much Real Life!!!

will you think less of me when you see my
secret addiction??
Will you think I should have my head examined?

Heheh, better get it over with eh?

It's no secret I love drinking tea,
Any Time!
Which in turn led to an interest in teapots.
Collecting teapots.
Not fancy china pots,
I like pots that look like they know their business.
I like them to look like they have history
and could tell tales of sharing moments
of happiness,
times of sadness,
the best cup of the day -
enjoyed in bed first thing in the morning.

Not only do I collect teapots but I delight in using them.
A recent acquisition was an epns hotel/cafe teapot.
I enjoyed it 'naked' for a while, just enjoying the shape
and the pretty silver shine
but the time comes when I want to use it.
When it comes to making a pot of tea,
it needs to be kept hot.
Teapots need Cosies don't they?!!

That's my secret addiction...
To be more specific,
Kitsch Teacosies.
The more decorated they are, the more I like them.
So, after living with my pretty shiny 'naked' silver cafe pot for a while,
it spoke to me and said it was ready for a warm coat.
What goes better with silver than royal blue?
What goes with royal blue?
Fun, fun, fun, sorting through my little huge stash
of wool.
Work out the shaping whilst thinking
about decorations.
Click, click, hook, hook......
Here it is all dressed up ready for a
Tea Party.
Cuppa anyone?
Do I need analysis?
Hmmm, do I feel the urge to make a miniature version???


  1. Hello Susan love your work space excellent idea! I want one so portable :) the kitchen shelf is great as always and I have to say I love your tea cosy - how cute. The colour is great and goes lovely with the cup & saucer - I think one is a definite requirement in miniature :)

    1. Heheh Laura, small houses need small workspaces, my house is small!! Thanks so much for leaving such a cheery comment, glad you enjoyed seeing the tea cosy :) The cup and saucer belonged to my grandmother.

  2. Susan, your grandson has drawn a fantastic drawing of the kitchen cabinet! Well done! He is of a good help for you!
    I guess it is trendy that everyone is showing his/her workspace, but I have a problem: to much mess everywhere to much to take a picture :D!!
    The crochet teacosy is lovely, the teacups too, nice addiction, Susan :)!
    Hugs, Ilona

    1. Hi Ilona, that 11 year old grandson really is a clever lad, I couldn't make a sketch as good as his! I'm glad you liked seeing the teacosy, thanks for leaving such a sweet comment.

  3. I love it, what a great secret addiction, you will have to put a pic on of all your teapots and the little covers, yes mini ones would be good

    1. Hi Debbie, how kind of you to visit! Errr, not all of my teapost have cosies, usually just the 'working' ones. Family usually snap up my creations but I hold on to a few! I shall show some of my miniature cosies soon.

  4. What an artist your grandson is! I used to have a mobile work area, but by the time I had dragged half a dozen boxes of stuff I might need, tools, sandpaper, paint, bits of wood, glue... the 30 minutes of creating wasn't really worth the 2 hours of tidying up after. :-D

    I share your passion for kitsch teacosies, although I culled down to one only in a lunatic decluttering moment. I LOVE your new rose cosy! It's exactly what I have been thinking of making (for about 2 years) for our small teapot - now I can just admire yours! Now is that a nice set of moonlight rose Royal Albert milk jug and sugar bowl I spy?

    1. Hi Christine! Children these days seem to be so much more clever than I was, still am for that matter ;) I was astounded when the lad brought his drawing to show me what he wanted for his kitchen roombox.

      I hope you make a rose teacosy soon, they're fun and very addictive. Luckily I have family who pounce on any spare creations which allows me to continue to play with ideas. Yes, that's a moonlight rose milk jug and sugar bowl, I like that pattern but this set is all I have. Actually, I prefer collecting kitchen/dining items from the 1930's and 1940's. Love depression glass.

      Necessity is the mother of invention they say, tight quarters equates to a small work area, hence the wheely-table and workstation also on wheels that holds most of my small tools. I'd love a work room like yours!

  5. Hola!!
    Me encanta tu lugar de trabajo y lo recogido que está!!
    El juego de té es una precisidad, muy fino y elegante.
    Un saludo, Helena.

    1. Hola Helena! Thankyou for visiting and taking time to leave such a sweet comment!!

  6. Well Susan we have something in work station is even smaller than yours. Mine is 30.5 cm x 43 cm and I share it with a light and a telephone/ answering machine. I don't think it matters where we work as long as we are happy working there.

    As to you tea tray, I don't drink tea anymore but your tray was set so beautifully I would love to have shared a cuppa with you. Your tea cosy is just delightful.

    Keep up your wonderful work, I can't wait to see what you come up with next.

    1. Haha Dianne, your workspace must be the smallest on the planet - do you have paint and knives and cutting mats on that work top of yours?

      You'd be very welcome to share a cuppa in one of my grandmothers fine teacups - the billy is always on here!

  7. /that is a most worthy addiction Susan, do show us more.

    1. Hi Margaret! Thanks for visiting :) I'll try to share some more photos though not all of my creations live here, they are mostly given away. I believe I have some pics of miniature teacosies stashed somewhere, I'll share them shall I?

  8. What an adorable tea cosy! Roses and forget-me-nots look so sweet together...I'm sure your tea pot feels very snug and happy now♥

    1. Hullo Kate! Thanks for putting a name to the little blue flowers, I didn't know there was such a thing :) Thanks for stopping by and taking time to leave your sweet comment.

  9. ~*You are awesome!*~
    It's nice to see what you've been up to and to read your humor and honesty! :)*~ Lovely work, as always!

    1. Hi Amber Dawn, lovely of you to drop in! Thanks for the sweet comment and I'm glad you see the humour!

  10. Me encanta ller de nuevo tus entradas.
    Me has ehco sonreir con tu mesa de trabajo que va con sus ruedas persiguiendote jejeje
    Estoy impaciente por ver tus nuevos proyectos.
    Me encantan las nota???
    Las hago de todas formas y colores en fimo jejeje
    porque las de medida normal se salen de mi presupuesto jejeje
    besitos ascension

    1. Hola Ascension, thanks so much for your sweet comment! We share the love of teapots, teapot sisters eh? ;)

  11. That bunch of crochet flowers is surely guaranteed to brighten up a day and make the cuppa taste twice as good! Let's see more of your 'secret addiction'.

    The kitchen shelf unit is looking great, and your grandson is definitely to be congratulated on his dimensional drawing skills!

    1. G'day Kwozzie! Nice to see your smiley face peeping round the door, step in and I'll put on a brew. Yep, pretty things do brighten the day don't they? And that teapot seems to like it's fine new clothes, it makes a good cuppa.

      Grandson will receive your congratulations. My grandkids amaze me most of the time but this drawing is really quite clever for an 11 year old.

  12. Quedaria hermosa una version en miniatura!!

  13. Hi Beatriz! Thankyou for visiting! I'm glad you enjoyed seeing the teacosy. A miniature version is surely needed after so much interest!

  14. El gran problema de todos... el lugar de trabajo ! Tú lo has resuelto muy bien ... con ruedas ! que placer esa colección de tubos de pinturas jejeje. Preciosa la estanteria. Mariajo

  15. wow love the grand's sons shelf drawing it is amazing ! The tea cozys are just darling too!! Love your work!!!

    1. Hi Chris, a big wave to you! Thanks for visiting and taking time to leave such a nice comment :) Grandkids are so rewarding aren't they? What is your special granddaughter up to these days?

  16. Que elegancia. admiro tus trabajos, todos tienen su encanto.
    Un abrazo