One I've Been Working on for a While

Last Daffodil Day,
August last year???
I received a lovely bunch of
Cancer Council Daffodils.
Lovely brightness
cheering the last days of winter.
The flowers spoke,
they needed to be made everlasting for a 
Kitsch Teacosy.
After perfecting the flower pattern
and making stems and the cosy itself
I couldn't work out how I wanted to use them
so this half clothed teapot has sat on a shelf
awaiting inspiration
ever since.
I still don't really know
where it will end.....
Yellow is not really my "colour" I fear.
Any suggestions from you
lovely talented and inventive


  1. Susan I think it looks great as it is, you have done a fabulous job with the daffodils!

    1. Oh, thanks Margaret, you're very kind! After googling pics of daffodils, I think what is needed is more stems/leaves to balance out the top heavy look of the flowers......

  2. Se ve precioso,los narcisos te han quedado geniales!!!!!

  3. I actually love the teacosy as it is in the pic, no need to change anything about it! It's a super cute miniature, and so original too. I'm definitely in love with it :)

  4. it's so cute and tiny I love it :)

    1. Watch this space....there's sure to be a miniature teacosy soon!!

  5. It's absolutely wonderful!!! O.K. add some more leaves if it makes you happy mate...
    Love your mini-workspace, and your clever grandson and your secret addiction(previous Blog)...all in all LOVE IT!

    1. Heheh Robin, you are so easy to please! Thanks you for dropping in, sorry the teapot was empty :( I believe there will be not only some more leaves added but also a sprinkling of little flowers to help tie it all together. This one is for my brother who put in an order for a new cosy ;)

  6. You know what, I love this, absolutely love it! I've never seen anything like it before and even though you say you still need to work on it, to me it looks fantatsic!! I really mean it, wow, such fun in a teapot, drinking tea may never be the same again haha. Hope you and your's are well... I'm just finishing off a backlog of projects but I've a couple of mini twin pushchairs in the making so not long now lol ;) x

    1. Hi Gill! Thanks for visiting, next time I hope the teacosy will be finished and I can offer you a cuppa :) Oddball teacosies are such fun. You take care and don't work too hard, you need time for enjoying your own miniatures too mate.

  7. Es una verdadera preciosidad, a mi me encantan esos narcisos ven tan reales.
    Has conseguido que me enamore de tu tapa-tetera.
    besitos ascension

  8. Heheh Ascension, decorated teacosies are a lot of fun to make, I'm glad you like this one!!

  9. I love tea cozies. This one should get a prize. It is remarkable. Glad you ares safe from the storms and it was just the carport taken out.

  10. te ha quedado precioso, eres una artista del ganchillo y en mini mucho más artista, ya que a este tamaño no será tan fácil trabajar con ese nivel.
    Un abrazo