My Zen Summer

As you may know, I have some health challenges
that make miniatures a bit difficult from time to time.
That, together with a long hot summer where I live,
that started in September and isn't over yet,
has meant virtually no miniatures for 6 months.
It was still 28 degrees C here at 10.00pm last night!!!
Having lived in many places
from 4 degrees South of the Equator
to the Roaring Forties, 40 degrees South (of course)
I can say without doubt that I'd rather
frost than humidity!

Summer Downunder.
Enter Zen Crochet
I think it keeps me sane,
some might disagree :)

Anyway, just to let you know I'm still above the grass,
some pics of what I've been up to lately.

RL Crochet.
144 of these squares altogether.
What will these squares turn into?
They clash a bit, all together like this, don't they?
(beginning to doubt my sanity a bit by this stage)

What else did I do this summer?
Fostered guinea pigs for a rescue just after Christmas
for a short time till their Forever Home was found.
This is Ned enjoying a chin scratch.
And here is Neds little friend Noel,
a very relaxed little chubby baby.
These two boys were adorable and if I'd know what
the near future held for us they would have stayed.

More of those squares.  Looking a bit more respectable?
Any ideas?

No, this isn't it.
This is zen rug no.1
Soft, gentle colours,
a light bed topper for my M-I-L to use when she visits.

This isn't it either.
Zen rug no.2
Christmas gift for M-I-L to brighten her bed at aged care home.

A new family member adopted from the rescue.
He's a Red Agouti, his name is Noddy :)
Young Alf became very depressed
when our beloved elderly piggie Cheryl passed on
in February so we thought he should have a friend.
Nod and Alf, free range kitchen dwelling piggies!
 Munching dandelions, about their most favourite food!

Chilling on the grass in their outdoor playpen.
Full tummies, time to do some sun bathing
and gather their energy to boss me around
when they get back indoors.
Guinea Pigs are about the most egocentric,
bossy and gorgeous little pets you could wish for.
When I get home with groceries
the dogs check the bags to make sure
I've bought kangaroo meat for them
and the piggies make a bee line for the vegetable bag!
My own fault that celery and lettuce was pruned,
and unfit for humans,
by the time I'd finished answering the phone :)

Ok, those bright squares.
Another four rows before the border goes on.
This one has been claimed by my other half.

I had hoped my wool stash would be
somewhat depleted by all this crochet
but it seems the more I do the more the stash stays the same!

So that has been the story of my summer.
Perhaps winter will bring back
my miniature mojo.

I want to say thanks to all you lovely bloggers
 whose posts have gladdened my days,
bless you for sharing your creations!


  1. veo que aunque dices otra cosa, has estado muy ocupada a pesar del calor , las cobayas son preciosas , me alegro mucho de que te tengan tan entretenida y el ganchillo veo que has estado muy productiva , buen trabajo



    1. Hello Mari :) thanks for your sweet comment! I'm glad you enjoyed seeing my zen rugs.

  2. You make beautiful Crochet works! I think my favourite is the Zen2.
    Nod and Alf are so cute!
    Take care!

    1. Hello Kikka! Zen 2 was a lot of work, so many colour changes, thank for your sweet comment, I'm glad you like it! Alf and Nod are special friends :))

  3. Love all your lovely crochet work and seeing all the lovely animals. I hope the weather cools down for you a bit soon.

    1. Hello Sharee! Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a welcome comment! I'm smiling :)
      Yay! tonight is degrees cooler than last night, maybe a promise of autumn??!

  4. Wow! what wonderful throws - I LOVE the bright one.
    Miniature or not everything you create is beautiful.

    1. Thanks Robin! glad you liked seeing my crochet even though not miniature :) I love colour!

  5. Oh I love your blankets, They are so beautiful in the array of rainbow colors!..Love the flowered one!

    It so nice that you have fostered little fuzzy animals it takes a wonderful person to mend little lives ;)

    1. Hi Jane! I love playing with colours :) glad you enjoyed seeing my zen rugs.
      The wonderful person is the young lady who runs the rescue, she takes in cavies, who are often deathly sick from neglect, and selflessly nurses them to health. Foster carers have all the fun :))

  6. Amazing and beautiful throws, Susan, I love them all :D!!
    Your guinea pigs are so adorable to see, I do recognise the attack of the grocery bag filled with delicious fresh veggies (my daughter also has her guinea piglets, who adore bags with veggies ;O)!!
    I hope the weather will be cooler for you soon, take care.
    Hugs, Ilona

  7. Hello Ilona :) Your comments always make me smile. Thanks for liking my zen crochet! The rugs take a lot of time but the simple repetitive work is so soothing and peaceful.
    Haha, you know how cute piggies are! They are so intelligent they know how to make humans into slaves, mine make me smile a lot. Your daughter is lucky to have a large herd of piggies, even more smiles :)

  8. me gusta el colorido y la combinación que hizo con esos cuadrados de ganchillo, creo que usted al fin tuvo un verano productivo
    un abrazo

    1. Thank you Contar, your comment has made my day happy :)

  9. Hi There Susan! I can't imagine those high temperatures! I am not a "heat" person myself, although I do crave the sunshine, but the temperatures that you are speaking of, sound intolerable. I suppose that you get use to it in time, but still; mighty uncomfortable. Thus I can see why crocheting would be a good choice to pass the time because the only energy expended would be in your hands and your eyes. My mom use to crochet while watching t.v. so I remember how soothing it can be. Almost like you are on Automatic Pilot. :)) You have made some really pretty bed throws, though. They are lightweight and look very cheerful on the bed. I actually have one in Miniature very similar to the rainbow/ black one that you have made. :)
    Your guinea pigs are Adorable! I love the photo with them free-ranging inside the grocery bag. Naughty little piggies, making little piggies of themselves. :D


    1. Hullo Elizabeth, how nice to see you! This morning we woke to several degrees cooler than it was at midnight and the humidity is halved! Yay!! First signs of autumn :)) I will never acclimatise to heat. Stuck indoors in airconditioning, unfit for miniatures, zen crochet is the perfect occupation :)
      Heheh, Autopilot and those calming brainwaves and making something pretty, furry friends to make smiles = contentment.
      I think my first miniature crochet project after this hiatus must be zen also :)
      Free range chihuahuas and guinea pigs are perfect companions, they keep me laughing. The dogs sneak piggie vegetables and the funniest thing to see is a chihuahua trying to tuck itself into a piggie sized snuggle bed ;)). Cheeky piggies make a beeline for the fridge when they hear the door open and demand treats!

  10. Una Colcha preciosa y los conejillos de indias, adorables.
    Cuidate mucho esa salud.
    Un abrazo

    1. Hullo Maite! Thank you for visiting and for your lovely comment :)

  11. Great post! Nice to hear about what you've been up to! Your quilts are really gorgeous. I love your piggy tales and photos too. What sweet critters they are! xo Jennifer

  12. Hi Jennifer, how lovely of you to visit! Take a seat and you will quickly find a dog or two on your lap and a curious piggie will peer at you from one of their favourite beds or feed stations :) Glad you liked the crochet although not miniature.

  13. Your guinea pig photos have really bightened my day Susan!! I always used to have guinea pigs when I was little and I really miss them, they are such special animals. Your quilts are amazing, I love all the happy colours!! Hugs ♥ Vicky ♥

  14. Hullo Vicki, thank you for dropping in :) and for your sweet comment!
    Piggies are very special little furpeople if you love them enough to get to know them. Their intelligence still surprises me even after having them for decades. They are as clever as most dogs, can be house trained and learn tricks and they "purr" when stroked by someone who loves them and gives them plenty of time. Mine are as much part of the family as my dogs :) only they are much more bossy and demanding ;)

  15. Everything is so beautiful, and your Guinea pigs are adorable. :)

  16. Hi Linda, thanks for visiting and taking time to chat! I adore my piggies and am never far from a crochet hook ;) Pets and "hooking" and meeting nice people in blogland are highly recommended for putting fun in the day!

  17. Hope you get some chilly weather now, so that you can feel more comfortable =) Me on the other hand, I hope for some hot weather, I have no energy in the winter with the cold and the sun being away, now I know it has been at your place =) But now we finally got some sun here too!
    All the guinea pigs are so cute! I had two when I was a kid =) I really liked the sound they made when they thought I had some vegetable close by. =)
    Your squares looks great, especially when you put them together like that!

  18. Hullo Hannah! I hope you have a wonderful spring :) Autumn is finally appearing here, beautiful days and cooler nights.
    Guinea pigs are amazing little creatures, they have very long memories and are very intelligent, I adore them ;)
    The rainbow squares rug is finished :) It's very bright and pretty, I must show it soon.

  19. I wish you a speedy recovery, I'm glad to meet you today, thank you for your comment on my blog. you want to take a Guinea miniature pig I've done? will be my gift to you.

    A big hugs :0)

  20. Dear Monica, how lovely of you to visit my blog, I'm happy to welcome you :)

    I adore your mini-pigs! I will write to you :))